How to add properties

Let’s talk about how to add multiple properties to a client so you can keep your book of business organized.

  1. Go to the "Client Tab" and select a client.
  2. Right under the Options button, you’ll see "Properties" and to the right of that, you’ll see the "Add New" button which you’ll tap to… add a new property.
  3. Assign a "Name" to the property, input the "Address," and add any specific "Notes" for that property that you want to keep handy, for example, a gate code.
  4. If you add an address, you’ll be asked to verify it using Google Maps. Just make sure the pin is over the correct address, then hit "Confirm."
  5. Tap "Create Property."

Notice that the only field that is required is the Name. Pick something short that will help you remember which property this is.

With Check Pro, you can add unlimited properties to a client’s account, and you can create as many recurring jobs as you want for any property.

Just a quick tip: make sure that the properties are divided up to the client’s preferences. For example, if a client has their home, a rental property, and their business office with you, they may want to receive three separate invoices. In that case, just treat each property as its own client. But more often than not, the client will want fewer invoices for simplicity’s sake.

If you are a Check Pro subscriber, you should also remember that all properties within a client’s profile will be invoiced based on the frequency and type that you have set below. So, make sure to double check those settings before getting to work, then let Check take it from there!

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