A tour of the dashboard

It takes a lot of time and energy to stay on top of the business side of your operation, especially if you’re just using pen and paper. Check not only automates your business, but it also helps you keep a high-level pulse on what’s happening, helping you feel more in control of where you’re headed.

Let’s take a tour through the business dashboard, which makes all of that possible.

Check Dashboard

Tap on the "Dashboard" Tab in the bottom of your screen. Quick tip: you can tap on the question marks next to certain fields for a description of the calculation.

Total Earnings

The top number you see is your Total Earnings for the selected month along with the monthly dollar and percentage change compared to the previous month.

Historical Earnings

As you continue to use Check, the graph will show up to 6 months of history. To see what you earned in a specific month, just tap on the data point over that month. The top number will change to reflect the highlighted month’s earnings.

Below the graph, there is a grey box containing your Projected Earnings and Total Earnings for the current month as well as your Total Amount Owed.

Projected Earnings

Projected earnings is calculated by adding up all jobs that have been completed or scheduled for the month. This includes recurring jobs that are not yet on your schedule but are projected to be based on the frequency you set up. For example, a weekly job that has 4 occurrences and is worth $50/occurrence will add $200 at the beginning of the month even while only one of them is currently on your schedule.

Total Earnings

Total Earnings reflects the total value of all jobs completed this month. This is also the number that is at the very top of the dashboard.

Total Amount Owed

Total Amount Owed is the sum total of everything your clients owe you. In accounting terms, these are your Accounts Receivable or how much money is not in your bank account that should be. Ideally, this number always shows a big fat zero which means your clients are paying you almost immediately so you can put that cash to work.

Key Stats

Below the grey box are three helpful metrics… your current number of Clients and Properties as well as the number of jobs you have completed that month.

If you ever wonder how your business is doing, don’t stress about it… just tap in the dashboard and let the numbers tell you. By having everything you need in the dashboard to keep a pulse on your business, you’ll be able to make better decisions faster than ever.

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