Check Premium

Manage your team in Check

Add team members, set permissions, and assign them to crews.

*If you've previously upgraded through mobile in-app purchases, please book a call with our support team to assist you with the transition.
Manage team screen in Check

Manage your crews, easier than ever.

Assign Jobs to Crews

Assign recurring jobs to crews so they can see the job details on their schedule.

Keep Your Schedule Organized

On your schedule, jobs are automatically grouped by Crew so you have an accurate picture of your team in the field.

Screen of job details in Check
Job schedule screen in Check

See progress in real time.

You can watch as Crew Leaders track time and complete jobs in real time with live updates within the app.

You can even allow Check to automatically send invoices as jobs are completed so you can keep your admin work to a minimum.

Give the right people the right information.

Crew Member

Crew members can view job details. This is the default role for team members.

Crew Leader

Crew leaders can track time, complete jobs and see client contact information.


Admins have full access to the business's information except for the subscription.

Mockup of the new member workflow in Check

Keep your team's information in one place.

Employee Records

You can create unlimited employee records to keep track of personal and employment information. Assigning an employee record to a crew is internal and does not grant them any access.

Connected Accounts

Check Premium comes with 3 connected accounts by default. Team members who are connected to your business may access certain information assigned to their crew and depending on their role.

You can add and manage your connected accounts in the Check web app under the Account tab.

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Trevalis J.
Dynamic Lawn Service

Scheduling is extremely easy using the check app. The app also makes tracking expenses and earrings very simple.

Charles R.
Pond Hill Greenscapes

It's very easy to use and the app works perfectly. Reasonably priced service as well.

Gary P.
The Yard Butler

Scheduling, customer management. This app is brilliantly made and will surprise you.

Chris A.
Zero Degree Lawncare

I love it, this app makes my job easier! Overall Check has made me more money, organized, and simplified my lawn care business.

Jay S.
Kona Lawn Care

I feel like it makes my job a lot easier. Keeping track of who owes what and how and what they paid. The route tool makes it where a lot of the aspects of the job are almost on autopilot.

Steve G.
Godina’s Blades

I really enjoy the pay by invoice feature. My clients love the secure pay option. It saves me time so I don't have to stand at a doorstep while the customer finds cash. I can send them the invoice and head out to the next job.

Luke B.
Burchett Lawn and Landscape

This software is intuitive. The ease it brings my business is worth the money. I'll be able to grow better because of it. Excellent customer service, great relationship, and a high value to my business.

Jonathan P.
7 Ways Lawn & Tree Service

Ease-of-use, ability to do everything off your phone, and the 24/7 access to the entire client base at the tip of your fingers will help you prevent scheduling conflicts, improve revenue.