How to automate client invoices

Imagine never having to hand write or hand deliver an invoice again… actually, imagine never having to touch invoices again… Check makes this possible, and it’s easier than you’d think.

To automate invoices, you have to subscribe to Check Pro for $20/month. If you’re running more than 5-10 clients, it pays for itself within the first week.

Automating Client Invoices

To give an accurate picture of just how easy it is, let’s start by importing a brand new client. Tap on the "Client Tab," and tap the black plus button to add a client. Select the client from your contacts, then tap "Import from Contacts."

And... we’re done! Invoices for this client are now fully automated. No, it’s not too good to be true. Let me tell you why.

Unless you’ve changed invoicing defaults in your account settings, Check’s default invoice frequency is set to “per job”. This means that your clients will automatically receive an invoice every time you complete a job for them. The default invoice type is set to SMS text messaging because you are more likely to have your clients’ phone numbers than their email addresses. But, if your contact only has an email address, Check will set the default invoice type for that client to email. You can change these settings for each client and you can change the defaults in your account settings, which we cover in more detail in the video called “A Tour of Payment Settings” which is linked below.

Here’s the main point: when you become a Check Pro subscriber, every client that has either a cell phone number or an email address on file is automatically set up for automated invoicing.

Double check each client to make sure their invoice frequency and type is how you want it, then put invoices out of your mind. Check will handle it all for you helping you get paid faster.

No more stress because you feel behind. Invoices will go out quickly, consistently, professionally, and most importantly… effortlessly. 

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