How to add and edit a payment

There are two things you have to do to make sure that you can rely on the Account Balance in a Client’s account.

  1. The first is to make sure that all jobs are marked as complete and have the right price assigned to them OR that you’re adding detailed charges manually.
  2. The second thing is applying payments when they come in if your clients do not pay through the secure payment link provided with your invoices. For clients who pay via cash or check, this is where manually adding a payment comes in so you can keep track.

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Add a Payment

  1. Tap the "Client Tab" located at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap on the Client’s name.
  2. Within the Client's profile, tap "Options" and then select Add a Payment.
  3. Enter the Amount and tap "Confirm."
  4. On the "Payment Details" screen, the "Payment Method" field is going to be automatically set to your Default Payment Method which can be changed in the Account Settings.
  5. Set the "Date" to be the date you received the payment.
  6. Optionally, you can add "Notes" which will help you provide more context around the payment.
  7. Finally, you can select which invoices and charges to apply the payment to. When a payment is larger than the Client’s outstanding balance, you’ll see a note saying that the "Surplus Amount" will be added to the Client’s account balance. When a payment is less than the full amount of the invoice or charge you selected, you’ll see that the invoice will show "Partial Payment."
  8. Tap "Add Payment."

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Edit a Payment

  1. Tap the "Activity" button next to the "Option" button in the Client's profile.
  2. Tap the payment you want to edit.
  3. Like editing a job or a charge, Check doesn’t allow you to change the Client or amount. This is to make sure that Account Balances stay accurate. If the amount is wrong, you can make an adjustment payment or delete this one and start over.
  4. Make your edits and tap "Confirm."

Deleting a Payment

  1. Tap the "Activity" button next to the "Option" button in the Client's profile.
  2. Tap the payment you want to delete.
  3. Tap the "Delete Payment" button at the bottom of the payment details. Deleting the payment will adjust the account balance and the invoice’s payment status accordingly.

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