How to add and edit a charge

Anytime you complete a job that has a price assigned to it, it creates a charge that shows up on the client’s account balance, but every once in a while you may need to add a separate charge. Say you’re getting set up and the client already owes you money or they asked you to do something extra while you were on-site and you didn’t create a separate job for it… this is where charges come in.

Adding a Charge

  1. Go to the "Client’s Profile" by tapping into the "Client Tab," then tapping on the Client's name.
  2. Tap "Options" which is just under the Account Balance box and select "Add a Charge."
  3. Input an "Amount" for the charge and tap "Confirm."
  4. In the charge details, select whether or not you want to send an invoice to the client for this charge. If yes, an invoice will be sent automatically after you add the charge.
  5. Select a "Charge Type" which determines if it's for services rendered (you can include specific services), an outstanding balance or other (you can include a description).
  6. Select the "Property" this charge was for. If the client only has one property, it will be automatically selected for you.
  7. Select the "Date" of the charge.
  8. Include any "Notes" to provide additional context for the charge.
  9. Tap "Add Charge"

The Client’s account balance will be updated and the charge will show up in the client's "Account Activity," which can be seen by tapping "Activity" just under the Account Balance box. This is also where you can edit certain details on a charge.

Editing a Charge

Just tap on the one you want to edit. The only thing Check doesn’t allow you to change is the Client and the Amount. This is to make sure that account balances are kept accurate especially after a charge is marked as paid. If you made a mistake on the amount, you can delete the charge OR just create an adjustment charge using the same process we just walked through.

If you accidentally delete a charge, don’t worry… you can always restore it in that same screen.

This detail screen will also show you the "Payment Status" of the charge as well as give you the option to "Resend the Invoice."

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