A tour of client account activity

Have you ever forgotten the details of a job like when or how many times you serviced a client’s property? Well, with Check, that doesn’t have to happen anymore.

Let’s take a quick tour through the Client Account Activity feed where you can find a detailed account of each client’s history with you.

Client Account Activity

From the "Clients Tab," tap on a client.

Tap on "Activity" just under the Account Balance box. If you don't see this button, don't worry, it only shows up after you complete a job, add a charge, or apply a payment for a client.

Within the Activity screen, you'll find a detailed record of any job, charge, or payment that is linked to this client. What’s great about this is that you’re able to quickly scroll through the transactions and see the type of transaction, the date, and the amount at a glance.

The "Options" button at the top of the Activity screen has the same options as the “Options” button that can be found in the Client’s main profile. This allows you to add a charge, add a payment, and send an invoice.

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To see more details about a transaction, just tap on it! You’re even able to edit certain properties in these transactions as well as delete the transaction all together. If you accidentally delete one, don’t worry... you can always restore it.

As you continue to use Check, the Client’s account activity will help you deal with any messy situations where a client challenges you on how much they owe you. You’ll be prepared, and able to effortlessly show them a detailed transaction history that saves you a massive headache. 

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