A tour of job details

The more client and job information you try to keep in your head, the more likely you are to forget something and drop the ball, potentially costing you a client. That’s why Check makes job information easily accessible on one screen. Let’s take a tour through job details.

Once we’ve set up clients and jobs, we can tap on a job to see the job details.

Client Profile

First, you’ll see the client’s name with a small icon to the right which will take you to the client’s profile so you can easily view their outstanding balance, activity, and contact information.

Job Actions

There are three action buttons that give you the opportunity to Cancel, Skip, or Reschedule the job.

Cancelling a job cancels it permanently. You cannot reverse a canceled job. A canceled job will show a red dot on the Job Schedule with a “canceled” label beneath it.

Skipping a job, on the other hand, will display a grey dot and a “skipped” label beneath it. Unlike canceling a job, skipping a job IS reversible by simply tapping the "Restore Job" button in the job details. You can use skip as a way to temporarily cancel a job in case there’s a chance your client changes their mind or the weather clears up.

Rescheduling a job will allow you to move it to another date. Tap "Reschedule" which will pull up a calendar. Simply tap the new date, then "Confirm."

Job Details

Under the buttons are the property name and address. If you have the address for the property, just tap "Maps" to get directions. If you don’t have the address, this option won’t appear.

You’ll also see the date the job is scheduled for, the services you are providing, the price, and notes… all of which can be edited. If you have entered notes in the client’s account, property details, or in the recurring job details if you’re a Check Pro subscriber, these will show up here. Remember, these are your internal notes and the client won’t see these.

If we edit the notes from the "Job Details" screen, we’re only editing the notes for this specific job. Your edits won’t be reflected in the Client Notes, Property Notes or Recurring Job Notes. This allows you to make any one-time notes that are specific to THIS job happening on THIS day without worrying about messing up your permanent notes that will show up on any future jobs.

Job Completion

Tap "Complete Job" at the bottom of the screen to... complete the job. Pretty straight forward. As a best practice, tap this button before you pull away. Once the job is completed, the dot to the left of the job will turn green in your list of jobs and the price of the job will be added to the client’s outstanding balance.

Once the job is completed, you can tap into the job to see the same details and also mark the job as incomplete if you accidentally marked it as complete or if you got a callback.

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