How to add a recurring job

Have you ever second-guessed yourself on the last time you did someone’s yard? Have you ever forgotten to do someone’s yard altogether? Happens to the best of us, but with Check it doesn’t have to anymore!

Let’s talk about how to add a recurring job.

Before Adding a Recurring Job

Before we start adding a lot of recurring jobs, let’s save ourselves some time and make sure our default frequency is set for our current season. In account settings, tap on "Scheduling" and set the default frequency. You can edit this for every job, but it will save you time if you know you’re going to service a lot of them at the same frequency.

Adding a Recurring Job

  1. Go to the "Jobs Tab," tap the plus button in the bottom right corner.
  2. Select the Client you want to add a job for.
  3. If the client has more than one property, select the "Property" as well.
  4. Select "Recurring" and tap "Confirm." Notice that the frequency is set to your default frequency so all you have to do is choose the first date of service, which is defaulted to today.
  5. Select "Services." You can select multiple services to go into a recurring job if they repeat at the same frequency, otherwise, just create another recurring job for that property. You can have as many recurring jobs as you want for any of the properties and they can be at different frequencies. Tap "Confirm.
  6. Set the "Price" for the services and tap "Confirm."
  7. Add any notes for this specific recurring job. These are internal notes that your client will not see. It’s a great place to add a gate code.
  8. Review the details and tap "Add Job."

Now, anytime we complete a job, it will automatically schedule a new job according to the frequency. It’s important to know that Check only schedules one job at a time for recurring jobs. We all know that schedules change and have to get shuffled around for all kinds of reasons. Only scheduling one at a time helps you know what is coming up while keeping your schedule clutter-free.

Editing a Recurring Job

You can edit recurring jobs and even add them another way by going to the client’s profile.

  1. Go to the "Client Tab" and select the client.
  2. Scroll down where you’ll see all Recurring Jobs for all properties under that client and tap one to edit it. To only see recurring jobs for a specific property, tap on the specific property above.

Recurring jobs with Check Pro will automatically make sure you are on top of your schedule… That means no more late night planning sessions on Sunday to figure out what you need to do that week. Throw away the notebook, and the confusion with it… It’s time to put your schedule in Check.

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It’s time to ditch the notebook.

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