A tour of payment settings

Let’s take a tour through the Payment Settings, located in your Account Settings.

We’ll start by tapping the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, then tapping "Payments" just under Settings.

Default Payment Method

First, the Default Payment Method. Think of this as a tag for any payments you receive to help you remember how your client paid you. So, if the majority of your clients pay you through Venmo, then you can set your default payment method to Venmo to save you a little time when you go to apply the payment in the client’s profile.

Default Automated Invoice Frequency

Your next payment setting is the Default Automated Invoice Frequency. This is the invoice frequency that will be automatically applied to any new clients that you create, but don’t worry, this can be customized for every client.

With automated invoicing, you will never have to worry about falling behind on getting invoices out. That means no more late nights at the kitchen table trying to catch up… congrats! Go treat yourself. Instead, Check automatically invoices the client for you. 

Per Month

You have a few options here. Selecting Per Month will automatically send an invoice for any unpaid and partially paid jobs at the end of the month. This is typically what commercial clients will prefer.

Per Day

Selecting Per Day will send an invoice for any unpaid jobs you did that day at 7pm central standard time. This is helpful for clients that have multiple properties with you that you service on the same day but you only want to send one invoice to. It’s also nice if you want to put a little time in between completing the job and sending the invoice in case you wanted to review and potentially update any details.

Per Job

Selecting Per Job will automatically send an invoice right after you complete the job which is going to help you get paid as fast as possible. This is usually the preferred method for your residential accounts.

Do Not Invoice

The last automated invoice default option is Do Not Invoice. If the majority of your clients are elderly or if you never have an issue with getting paid, you may consider selecting this option… then you can record a masterclass and teach the rest of us how to get such good clients!

Again, the automated invoice frequency can be changed for each client… this is just to help you get set up a little faster when you’re adding new clients.

Default Invoice Type

The last section in the payment settings is Default Invoice Type. Like the Invoice Frequency, this can be customized for each client, but it starts on SMS invoices because the client’s phone number is the piece of contact info you’re most likely to have. Just make sure this is a valid cell phone number since invoices cannot be sent to a landline.

Recommended Settings

As a general rule, we recommend selecting Per Job as your Default Automated Invoice Frequency and SMS as the Default Invoice Type. That way the professional invoice is immediately sent to your client straight through text message which is going to help you get paid faster with less effort. 

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