Product Update

We just released version 1.0.7 and have a number of exciting updates to show you!


  • New Client Menu: We have some great new features that will be added to the clients tab so keep an eye out for those here.
  • Pause/Resume All: When it's time to wind down or start up mowing season, this is a quick way to manage all of your client schedules at once.
  • Existing Balances: When you're just getting set up on Check, you may have Clients who have existing balances that need to be reflected in their Client profile in Check. Now, recording an existing balance is a breeze.
  • Amount Due: If a Client owes you for something that isn't recorded through a scheduled job, simply record that amount due from your Client's profile.


  • We updated the design of the Account Balance in the Client profile to make way for more intuitive, at-a-glance data and increased functionality over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


  • A bug that crashed the app when trying to open a job after it had been updated.
  • A bug that caused a white overlay to obstruct form fields.
  • A bug that shows a blank screen when updating the price of a job.
  • A bug that caused an unknown error during the signup process.
  • A bug that caused the Default Frequency to not save.


  • We removed seasonality from the scheduling options because it was causing a lot of confusion. However, if you were a fan of seasonality, not to worry! You can now wind down schedules at the end of a season with the "Pause All" feature from the Clients tab.