TIGERS KNOW THEIR BUSINESS: Entrepreneurial MBA alumni hit the ground running

TIGERS KNOW THEIR BUSINESS: Entrepreneurial MBA alumni hit the ground running

Taking two years to finish an MBA might sound crazy, but for those people with an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s well worth the while. Louisiana State University Flores MBA Program ranks 36th among public universities, according to U.S. News & World Report. Flores MBA students rigorously prepare to enter the business world with an advanced degree from a premier university.

On the grid:

Since graduating LSU’s Flores MBA program, Matthew Armstrong and Shay Randolph have been busy doing big things. Armstrong launched his company Block Lawncare, a revolutionary new on-demand lawn care app, where customers could hire mowers from a smartphone. Randolph, a board-certified family nurse practitioner, opened Shay’s Health and Beauty Spa. Shay’s is a boutique-style health and beauty spa in New Orleans delivering spa services in a cozy environment. Armstrong and Randolph shared why they decided to complete the Flores MBA program and how it has impacted their success.

“I was 23 years old when I helped launch a nonprofit organization. At first, I felt pretty confident running the business side of things, but I quickly became aware that I had a lot to learn. Earning my MBA at LSU showed me how to ask the questions I initially didn’t know existed.”

—Matthew Armstrong, PMBA class of 2017 and CEO/Co-Founder of Block Lawncare

“My experience in the LSU Flores MBA Program holistically exposed me to all aspects of business and helped give me confidence to launch a tech startup. Beyond the skills I learned in the classroom, it was really the network I built with my professors and the personal investment they made in me that gave me the extra push to start this business. One of my LSU MBA professors and I still keep in touch regularly."