Introducing Block: On-Demand Lawncare

Introducing Block: On-Demand Lawncare

Nearly a year ago to the day, Matthew approached me (Jacob Jolibois) with an idea that he said I had inspired. Curious, I took him up on a lunch date to talk it over and offer any thoughts I might have. After hearing about the original idea that eventually became Block, I was struck by the obvious nature of it. Many great ideas when executed well have that affect on people - they thing, "it's so obvious that this should exist, and somehow it doesn't!"

At the time, however, both of us had great jobs that didn't allow us a lot of time to pursue such an idea. But fast forward 6 months and Matthew brought it up again. This time, with an invitation to come on board as a co-founder and actually turn this idea into a reality. Needless to say, I agreed and we're so excited to be able to introduce you to Block.

Introducing Block

The simple version is that Block is an on-demand lawn care app.

It gives property owners the ability to request a mow, get crystal clear pricing up front and pay for only what they need, when they need it, all through a beautiful, intuitive app on their smart phone.

Lawn care is an outdated industry. For the majority of people, having to call up multiple companies to get quotes, lock into a contract, pay for services you don't need and pay your paper invoices with checks via snail mail just isn't appealing. On top of that, it's not always affordable. We saw a glaring hole in the lawn care industry that wasn't being filled: on-demand, a-la-carte lawn care at the tap of a button.

What to Expect

We've worked really hard to create a powerful, beautiful app backed by incredible customer support and quality service. But our job isn't finished. While we've put everything in the app that you need to get started, we don't want to stop there. We know there are some features such as recurring service, bill splitting, and multi-property accounts that would enhance your experience with Block.

Our vision for what Block will become is bright and exciting! We hope that you will join us for the journey, sign up to use Block to service your property and leave us your feedback and ideas on how we can improve.

If you already have thoughts or ideas, please feel free to email us.

With eager optimism,

—The Block Team