Hello, Check!

Hello, Check!

I’m going to shoot y’all straight… I had a ton of bad allergies as a kid which included just about anything that was green. So, my parents literally wouldn’t let me mow the grass growing up. Part of me wanted to do it anyways, since that’s just what kids do. The other part of me wasn’t upset that I didn’t have to.

But now, even with those allergies, I love cutting grass. There’s something so satisfying about it to me. It’s the ability to see tangible transformation in a short amount of time. It’s getting to hone a craft and seeing if you can do it faster with better quality than last time. It’s getting to hear from your clients that they love how their yard looks. Sure, it’s hard work, especially in the middle of the summer, but it’s good work. It’s honest work. It’s respectable work.

I’m the type that always looks for a better way of doing things, and that applies to my passion for cutting grass too. Well, it turns out there’s a huge gap in our industry. About 75% of all establishments in the green industry are non-employers… side-hustlers, solo-operators, Jack-in-a-trucks, lawn guys... you pick one. That’s about 383,000 people all dealing with the same issues: growing their business, trying to keep clients happy, getting paid in a reasonable amount of time, and adjusting schedules to work around weather just to name a few.

My buddy, Jacob, and I came to the conclusion that there had to be a way to use technology to make starting, growing, and running a lawn care operation much easier.

In fact, we believe that work should get to stop when you go home.

Here’s what I mean: The “back office” tasks shouldn’t be waiting for you after you finish a long day of work and it definitely shouldn’t take time away from you mowing. We believe the “back office” should take a back seat to making money. That’s why we built Check. So that you could earn more, while spending way less time doing back office tasks like:

  • invoicing
  • managing your schedule
  • setting routes
  • collecting payments

It’s not that you can’t handle it or that you aren’t willing to do the work… if you cut grass, we know you don’t mind hard work. It’s that those tasks prevent you from taking more jobs which earn you more money, or pull you from your family, your hobby, or your “me” time.

So let me ask you: what would your life be like if you had more clients, and spent 50% less time on back office tasks? You’ll have to answer that for yourself, but I know it would be better.

Download Check now and try it for free.

—Matthew Armstrong

Co-Founder & CEO, Check