Block Lawncare closes marketplace to focus on subscription-based app

Block Lawncare closes marketplace to focus on subscription-based app

Local tech startup Block Lawncare announced Friday that it’s closing its on-demand lawn care marketplace and pivoting to focus on a new subscription-based app.

Block, founded by Baton Rouge entrepreneurs Matthew Armstrong and Jacob Jolibois, ran a beta test in Baton Rouge through most of last year and won a PitchBR event hosted by the Louisiana Tech Park. After seeing early traction for the service, including thousands of registered users, Armstrong and Jolibois decided to change their model to accommodate for more rapid growth.

While Block connected customers to lawn service providers, their new venture, Check, is tailored to lawn care owner-operators.

“Our data showed that the technology was solving many of the right issues, but we found a more efficient way to deliver value to those we were aiming to serve,” says Armstrong in a press release.

Check is specifically designed to help lawn care owner-operators get organized, increase efficiency and become more professional. Launched in mid-May, more than 500 operators in over 40 states have registered with Check. 

A client’s app will also be released next spring allowing customers to pay their operator, manage their service settings, get rewarded for referring their mower to others, and eventually connect with other home service providers in their area. 

“We’re creating a mobile-first, feature-rich experience for these owner-operators who currently do not have a clear option to streamline their home service business,” Jolibois says.

Block customers were notified Friday that the app would shut down effective Nov. 1. 

Check is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching “Check Lawn Care.