Block is now Check!

Block is now Check!

Well, you may have noticed that we changed things up a bit, so we thought it would be courteous to formally introduce our new product, Check.

Check is the mobile app designed specifically for owner-operators like you that lets you grow and run your lawn care business from the cab of your truck. Check effortlessly manages your clients’ accounts, automates invoicing, maintains your schedule, generates routes, and, most importantly, helps you get more business. With the addition of the Client App (coming soon), you will be able to truly differentiate yourself by offering your clients a technology-enabled experience that most large landscaping companies haven’t even implemented yet. Oh, and it’s extremely easy to use, so that’s nice.

You may have heard of our company, Block Lawncare, which launched in South Louisiana in early 2019 as an on-demand lawn care marketplace. In a matter of months, we had thousands of registered users and hundreds of applications from mowers from all across the country. We had also been featured in industry publications like Lawn & Landscape as well as Total Landscape Care. We were even named one of the top 100 most innovative startups of 2019!

We were proud of what we built, but we had a problem… our technology was facilitating an incredibly smooth business transaction for everyone involved, but the only way to experience that as a provider was to mow for our customers. Well, the more we talked with operators like you, we were hearing that you wish you could have that same kind of functionality in an app for your existing customers.

Actually, 70% said they would be interested in that app if we built it and made it available for a monthly fee. That’s pretty crazy considering over half of all operators we spoke with claimed that they didn’t use technology for their operation. We’re talking pen and paper, and that’s totally ok. Another quarter said they use apps on their phone like reminders, calendars, notes, and payment processing apps.  That makes sense because our world is solving more problems with smartphones than ever before. But you know what’s even crazier? Only 4% of the people we surveyed said they used one of our competitors, and one couldn’t even remember the name. We figured out who it was, but we’ll spare that company… you know, courtesy.

The point is that there isn’t a company that is solely focused on the 383,000 operators in the landscaping industry that work by themselves. That didn't sit right with us.

We thought to ourselves, “We already have the technology, so what if we create an app that is designed specifically for folks running a lawn care business either by themselves or with a couple other people in the truck? And what if we built an app that is really, really easy to use?”

And that’s where the idea was born. Since we’re still running the marketplace and calling it “Block”, we knew we wanted to call this product something else since they do similar things but they are so very different.

We landed on “Check” for a few reasons.

First of all, when we think about improving our customers’ lives, we think about helping relieve some of the burden of managing a business by helping them check things off their list.

Secondly, we want our customers to feel that they don’t have to be so hands on with the back office tasks - the app can handle that. That way, our customers don’t have to really manage their business… they can simply check in.

Lastly, you could say the same for the homeowners that our customers serve… the app will help them check things off of their to-do list. We just know from experience that it’s usually a good thing when you get to check something off of your list for your business or your household.

Take a look at why you'll love your provider even more when they use Check by clicking here. You may even want to give them a heads up right now.

So, Check it is.

We have very exciting plans for the future. We’d love for you to give us a shot and check something off your list.