The app to cut the stress out of your landscaping business

No need to touch your computer at the end of the day. Join 14,000+ other home service professionals who finish their admin work in the field.

Luke B.
Burchett Lawn and Landscape

This software is intuitive. The ease it brings my business is worth the money. I'll be able to grow better because of it. Excellent customer service, great relationship, and a high value to my business.

Chris A.
Zero Degree Lawncare

I love it, this app makes my job easier! Overall Check has made me more money, organized, and simplified my lawn care business.

Jonathan P.
7 Ways Lawn & Tree Service

Ease-of-use, ability to do everything off your phone, and the 24/7 access to the entire client base at the tip of your fingers will help you prevent scheduling conflicts, improve revenue.

Best Features for


Pass fees to your clients
Bid request forms
Collect client information and easily accept bid requests.
Operator websites
Get your own website to show off your work and accept bid requests!
Unlimited one-off jobs
Create one-time jobs in seconds!
Manually send invoices
Send professional invoices in seconds.
Receipt upload
Keep track of your receipts with your expenses.
Add your logo
Add your logo to quotes and invoices for a professional customer presence.
Professional quote builder
Send a professional quote in minutes from wherever you are.
Time tracking
Keep track of your time on the job.
Secure web payments*
Accept client payments through secure links included with every invoice.
Job management
Did weather mess up your day? Reschedule jobs with a few taps.
Balance management
Easily see a client’s outstanding balance, apply a discount and add a payment or charge.
Client management (CRM)
From frequency to instructions, keep track of the information you need.

Manage Your Entire Landscaping Business From The Field

Managing a landscaping business can get overwhelming and complicated. Fortunately, with Check, you can keep all the details for your business in one place.  Check is unique because it is the only landscaping business management software created to be used entirely from a mobile app.  Some software has mobile app add-ons, but you still have to do your admin work from a computer.  We know from personal experience that doing administrative work after a long day is not enjoyable.  That’s why we created an app that lets you manage your entire business from the field so that you can actually be done with work when you get home.

At Check, our number one goal is to champion you, help your business grow, and give you more time to do the things you love. There are so many great features and benefits that we have built into the app.  Here are a few areas where Check will help you take your landscaping business to the next level.

Simplified Scheduling And Job Management

Say “goodbye” to Sunday evening job scheduling. We’ve designed our job scheduling tools specifically for home service businesses. The Check recurring jobs scheduling tool makes it easy to reschedule due to rain and helps you get back on track to your preferred schedule. The job time tracker helps keep you on track and gives you insights into your efficiency and bidding accuracy. Do you want to know the best route to get all of your jobs done for the day? We’ve got one-tap route generation that puts together the most efficient route to complete your work. Other apps charge extra for this or leave it off altogether.

Powerful Client Management Tools

Check has powerful client management tools to help you get organized and keep all of your clients’ information in one place. For example, you can quickly look up client information like addresses, phone numbers, and account balances. The app will also send your clients automated notifications, like scheduling reminders, to streamline communication.

Make Bidding and Invoicing Easy and Flexible

At Check, we know that professional quotes and invoices help you win and keep more clients. Using Check will give you the tools to communicate professionally and timely without additional administrative burdens. First, you can have your own tastefully designed web portal for your business. Then, clients can contact you directly with quote requests freeing you up to respond when convenient. Next, you can send estimates or bids for your services with customizable line item details, so the clients know exactly what they are getting and how much they will have to pay. Finally, when you complete a job, we will automatically invoice them on a schedule you set, with your logo on the invoice. You’ll also have the option to connect your bank account so clients can pay you directly with a credit card (we charge the usual credit card processing fees). No more chasing down checks and waiting in line at the bank. Instead, the money goes straight into your bank account.

Business Insights To Keep You In The Know

Keep a finger on the pulse of your landscaping business. With just a few taps, you can see client balances, transaction activity, historical income charts, and projected earnings. A built-in expense tracker lets you enter your business costs and upload pictures of your receipts. Your year-end taxes will be a breeze for your accountant.

Landscaping Business Management Software For An Unbelievable Value

Most software companies charge hundreds of dollars for the same functionality that we give you for a small fraction of that. How do we do it? We are able to keep costs down because we’re 100% focused on the small business owner instead of large landscaping businesses. This also means that as we continue to add features, it's going to benefit you as a small business. Stop wasting time on admin tasks that we can do for you; download the app today!