How to make an Invoice for a Landscaping Job in the Check App

How to make an Invoice for a Landscaping Job in the Check App

We're going to show you how to make an invoice for a landscaping job, with Check, the landscaping management app.

Last updated on
June 21, 2024

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First, open Check, click the plus icon, and click on "invoice".

From the invoice details page, select an existing client, or add a new one to attach the invoice to. This will tell Check who to send the invoice to via email or text.

Add the date of the service. It can be for a future job or past job.

Enter the invoice amount, either by entering the total, or itemizing the invoice to break the pricing down by line items.

You can select existing services for line items, or add a new one. Just remember to enter the price of each line item as you add it to update the total.

You can add a Sales tax rate with the Pro version.

You can even add a custom message to your client at the bottom of the Invoice Details page.

Once everything is filled out, you can click the Check mark to send the invoice to your client.

If you're having any trouble at all, our support team is available right in the app.

Visit the Check U section of our website to learn more about managing your landscaping business with the Check Landscaping Management app!