Do You Even Need a Card

Do You Even Need a Card

In an era of mobile phones, websites, social media, and sick lawn care business software, business cards can seem a bit old fashioned. A question I see quite a bit is, “Do I even need a business card for my lawn care company?”

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April 13, 2023

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Do You Even Need a Business Card for Your Lawn Care Business?

In an era of mobile phones, websites, social media, and sick lawn care business software, business cards can seem a bit old fashioned. A question I see quite a bit is, “Do I even need a business card for my lawn care company?”  The short answer is, in my experience, “Yes, Absolutely!”  If that answers all of your questions, carry on and give our app a try ;-). If you stick around, I’ll be talking about some of the reasons why all lawn care operators need business cards.

The most compelling reason why business cards are important is that it is an easy way for potential customers and current clients to store your contact information.  A customer doesn’t always want to take the time to write down your contact information or put it into their phone.  A card is an easy way to let them do it later. 

Additionally a business card can be great as a simple marketing tool.  Your super fan clients can hand them out to their neighbors and friends. You can leave them in local hardware stores or coffee shops. Once I stuck them under windshield wipers in a parking lot at a home and garden show.  The same thing that makes a business card easy for you to hand out makes it easy for others to pass around.

Lastly, business cards for your lawn care service business are so inexpensive, it begs the question, “Why not?”. A box of simple business cards can be ordered for less than $50, which means that one lawn contract signed or one landscaping installation covers the entire box.  I might even argue that a business card should be one of your first marketing expenses, even before a website (Blog: Website Alternatives) or branding on your vehicle.

Don’t JUST hand out your business cards

One of the biggest mistakes I made early on in my lawn and landscaping company was that I would give a potential customer my card and just hope they would call me back.

My advice is to always, always ask if you can have their contact information as well.  Say something like, “Would you mind if I called or emailed to follow up later this week?”.  Not everyone will say yes but in my experience most folks will. If they seem hesitant, tell them you would like their email so that you can send over an estimate in writing to match what you told them.  Once you have their contact you are still able to follow up with them, even if they forget about you.

Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

As with any form of marketing, it is important to design your lawn service business cards in a way that stands out.  Your business card needs to rise above the rest of the herd. Now there are two ways to stand out. The first, which I recommend, is to have a great eye-catching design.  The second is to do something so bad or outlandish that your card will be remembered.  Just probably not in the way you want it to be.  We’re going to go over some “Do’s and Don’ts below that will help your business card stand out in a positive way.

Best Practices for Designing Your Business Cards

  • Do keep your design simple.  I’ve seen so many business cards from landscapers and lawn care providers that are so cluttered with information that they are confusing.  
  • Don’t list every single service that you provide.  To keep things simple you only need to list the basic things that you provide.
  • Do list your landscaping or lawn care business name, your name and your preferred way to be contacted.
  • Don’t list every possible way that a customer can contact you.  Pick just one to two.  Maybe email and phone or just website and phone.  If you're not great at one form of communication (I’m terrible at answering my phone because I can never hear it) just leave it off.
  • Do include your logo.  If you need help with choosing a logo check out our blog post about logos  here.
  • Don’t use clipart or cheezy graphics on your business cards.  These don’t help you stand out and can often make your business seem less professional and less polished.
  • Do make it interesting. I’m going to let you in on a little technique that great marketers use all the time.  It’s called “a hook.”  In the golden age of newspapers, the hook was the headline.  The headline was what drew a reader in and convinced them to purchase the paper.  Nowadays folks use Youtube thumbnails or even annoying click bait.  A great way to “hook” potential customers is to offer a deal or discount.  This will help you stand out and you’ll know the lead came from your business card. Win-Win
  • Don’t use tiny, tiny fonts.  You shouldn’t need a magnifying glass
  • Do spend extra on the premium cards.  Things like rounded corners, thicker paper, linen texture, or even plastic cards all serve to help your card stand out and help present your lawn care business as a premium service.


  • Don’t spend extra on the weird shapes.  You can buy tiny cards, square cards, round cards or even hexagon ones.  These are just annoying because they don’t fit well in the stack of cards your customer has.
  • Do hire a designer if you're overwhelmed by this whole prospect.  It can get expensive and generally you do get what you pay for but sometimes getting someone else to do it, is just fine.  Also make sure they give you the Adobe Illustrator file(.ai), Adobe Photoshop file (.psd) or the vector graphics (.svg) file so that you can have someone make changes later.

Where to Get Your Business Cards

There are some great places online to get business cards and some pretty bad ones.  Almost every company will have great deals for your first purchase. Almost all of them have templates and those templates can be very bad or pretty decent. Choose wisely.  I personally have ordered business cards from Canva (great!), Vista Print (meh), Moo Printing (great!) and a local printer (meh or great depending on how they do it).

Final Thoughts

Despite most of our communication taking place online these days, there is still an important role for business cards for your lawn maintenance business. For some tips and examples of great designs from our own product designer check out this blog HERE (Lawn Care Logos & Branding: Everything you Need to Know | Check (