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Why Check?

At Check, we exist to champion the hard working lawn care providers like you. Our industry has been urging everyone to “adapt by using technology” for years.

One problem: there aren’t any solutions made for the folks who are both doing the work and running the business. That’s why over half of all providers in lawn care still use pen and paper.

That wasn’t okay with us.

So, we built an app that is designed to help you earn more money while making your life easier. Crazy, right? That’s technology working for you.

You may be thinking “This looks amazing, but why are you doing this? ” Well, we founded Check on a few core values: generosity, service, and joy. We want to operate with generosity towards everyone we deal with, serve them in a way that makes them feel like a million bucks, and do it all with joy because that just makes everything better.

Check started as a way to help underserved communities. While we’re still holding on to that vision, Check has the ability to improve the quality of life for anyone who uses it. Doing both at the same time gets us pretty excited.

If you run your business by yourself or have only one crew, Check is for you. You won’t find a better solution anywhere else.

Don’t wait! Try it for free, and join the others who are using Check to earn more while spending less time on their back office tasks than ever before!

—Matthew & Jacob

The Founders

Check was founded in 2019 by Matthew Armstrong and Jacob Jolibois.

Luke S.

Everything in one place to keep track of customers, invoices, payments, and other tools to run the business more efficiently while on the go. Got rid of the need to use several different apps. And gone are the days of trying customize apps to do something they weren’t meant to do.

Chad F.

This is a game changing app for service providers and ultimately for customers. What we have been waiting for!

Adrean B.

This app has really made a world of difference in not only running my business, but in growing it as well. Whether it’s invoicing my clientele, communicating with them, or scheduling my route for the day, it’s great way to ditch the pen and paper! It’s simple and functional.

Are you ready to cut your admin time by 50%?

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