October 18, 2021
  • Changed the way jobs were handled in our API
  • Made a handful of aesthetic updates
  • Fix bug causing occasional duplicate transactions
  • Fixed the formatting of job notes
  • Fixed bug causing past due jobs to not bump to the next day
  • Fixed bug causing address to not be verified during auto-capture
September 12, 2021
  • Add an option to view a PDF of the invoices.
  • Add a negative sign to negative account balances.
  • Add an auto-update function when opening a client's profile.
  • Change the text "Send Invoices" to "Resend Invoices" for clarity.
  • Allow $0 invoices to be sent for record keeping.
  • Fix bug causing invoices to not send.
  • Removed white space in tab bar on iPhone 8's and below.
August 31, 2021

We just released version 2.0 and... well, it's pretty much like new! We've overhauled the interface to make information more accessible and clear than ever. We've also designed the interface in such a way that we have plenty of room to expand and add more features in the future without cluttering up the design or making the app more confusing.

We absolutely love it and we think you will too.

August 2, 2021
  • Added an option to stick with the original address you entered or accept Google's suggested address when verifying a property.
  • Fixed bug causing the keyboard to not show when editing the price of a recurring job for the second time.
  • Fixed bug causing services to not update correctly on invoices.
  • Fixed incorrect remaining balance when selecting which invoices to apply a payment to.
  • Fixed bug crashing the app when changing the charge type of an invoice to "other".
  • Fixed bug crashing the app when changing the property of a charge.
  • Updated the bottom sheet subtext of a newly created invoice.
July 19, 2021
  • Refactor the way data is stored and handled. I know it doesn't sound like much. But it's a massive overhaul behind the scenes that sets us up for future features and releases!
June 16, 2021
  • Change wording in the "forgot password" bottom sheet
  • Refactor the way data is stored in the Clients Tab
  • Fix bug causing Past Due jobs to not auto-advance to Today
  • Fix bug causing recurring jobs to still create new instances when paused
  • Fix bug causing app to crashing when changing your address
  • Fix bug causing duplicate payment records when a payment is deleted and restored
June 4, 2021
  • Added a universal quick-add button to help you add clients, properties, jobs, charges and payments from any tab without leaving your existing place.
  • Changed the date pickers to allow you to select past dates for charges and payments.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in duplicate jobs.
  • Fixed a bug causing the time tracking tray to be hidden on completed jobs.
  • Removed the "Pause All" and "Resume All" options in the Clients Tab menu.
May 20, 2021

We just released version 1.5.5 and have a number of exciting updates to show you!


  • Added the second cent digit to the dollar values in the activity feed
  • Added a toggle to control if your address shows up on invoices


  • Changed the way we fetched and stored data to improve load times
  • Changed the date pickers to disable past dates from being selected


  • Fixed a bug crashing the app when adding an address to some properties
  • Fixed a bug causing duplicate recurring jobs to be created
  • Fixed a bug that caused addresses in Glendora, NJ to not be confirmed
  • Fixed a bug that prevented adding payments


  • Removed the "Add a Payment" option in the quick menu for completed jobs that have already been paid in full