Top Tips for the Check App

Below are a few of our favorite tips to maximize the value you get from your Check app.

Set your Default Frequency

In your Account screen, Check gives you the ability to set a default frequency for your most-used service. Then, you can opt your clients into this default frequency to make scheduling easier than ever. For many, this is lawn care maintenance, so we’ll use that in the example. Simply set your default frequency in your Account screen, then import clients from your contacts or add them manually. Newly created clients will adopt the default frequency.

Set Invoices to Send Automatically

This is probably one of the most attractive things about Check for many of our customers. In the Account screen, tap on the “Payments” option. You will be given the option to choose to automatically send out invoices at the end of each month, after each job, or not at all. We recommend setting this to go out automatically because that means it’s one less thing you have to worry about!

If you take electronic payments through Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal, go ahead and set clients to be invoiced upon the completion of each job. Allowing clients to pay through one of these apps can help you get paid significantly faster. We encourage you to try it out. If you have your clients pay with cash or a check, it’s probably better to set invoices to go out at the end of the month.

To make sure that the invoicing feature works properly, the only thing you’ll need to do is follow the simple steps to complete a job which can be found in our “How to Complete a Job” article.

Look Forward and Upsell

Now that Check is helping you see your job schedule much further out, you can use this as an opportunity to reach out to your clients and upsell them. Did you notice that they could use their hedges trimmed last time you were at their house? How did their flowerbeds look? Now that you’re looking for these opportunities, you can ask them if they would like you to handle these additional tasks. Make sure to include the price and have them agree to it!

From there, simply follow the directions in the “How to Invoice Clients for Other Services” article and that’s more money in your pocket!

Offer a Referral Bonus

Are you looking to win more business? Did you know that 70% of lawn care operators rely primarily on word of mouth to grow their business? There are plenty of stats that point to how beneficial referral programs are. We share a few of them as well as how to get a referral program set up in our “How to Set Up a Referral Program” help article. Check it out!

Add a Job on the Fly

Have you ever gotten a frantic call from a potential customer, or an existing customer, saying how desperately they need you to do something for them? Well, if they are willing to pay the emergency fee for you to scrap your route and handle something for them that day, you can add the job on the fly very easily.

Simply tap the blue circle with the “+” in it in the bottom-right corner of the Jobs tab to add the new job and follow the directions in the second half of the “How to Invoice Clients for Other Services” article.

Now your new job should show up on your schedule in your Jobs Tab.

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