How to Prepare Your Clients for Importing

In this “how-to” article, we’ll teach you how to maximize the powerful client import feature.

First, you’ll want to update all of your client’s contact cards in your phone. Be sure to include the following information in the correct field (purpose for the information is in parenthesis):

  • First Name (identification of client, invoices)
  • Last Name (identification of client, invoices)
  • Address of the property (automatic route generation feature)
  • Phone number (in-app messaging)
  • Email address (sending invoices)
  • Extra notes (gate code, etc.) about their home in the “notes” section. (to associate any special requests, or important information with a specific client’s account)

Here’s the awesome part: you’ll be able to select your existing clients’ contact cards and all of their information will automatically be imported into Block. So, the more information that is in your client's existing contact card, the less work you’ll have to do in the app! If you service more than one property for a customer, you can either create another contact card for that property or add them manually in the app.

From there, open up the Block app, go to the “Clients” tab, then tap the “Import Clients” button to access your contacts. Super easy.

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