How to generate a route

Efficiency plays a major role in profitability and one of the easiest ways to increase efficiency is to have tight routes.

Let’s talk about how to generate a route.

Generating a Route

  1. Go to the Jobs Tab to view the list of jobs you have coming up.
  2. Make sure that every property has an address. Properties that do not have an address will not be included in the route. If you don’t have the property’s address on hand, take a look at, How to auto-capture client addresses.
  3. Tap the "See Route" button next to the day you want to see the route for. Any jobs that are scheduled on that day that have an address will be included in the route.
  4. Check will use the addresses you have on file and have Google plot the fastest route based on your current location. If you’ve added your personal or shop address in your account settings, the last destination on your route will be that address so you finish up at home or the shop instead of across town. If you haven’t added your address, the route will end at the last job.

The first job will be highlighted. Tap "Job Details" to pull up the details or "Directions" to get directions to your first job. Other jobs can be tapped on as well if you wanted to view the job details or get directions to a different job first.

Note that when you complete, skip, or cancel a job and view the route again, those jobs will still show up on the map, but will not be included in the remaining route.

The great thing about being able to generate a route with one-tap is that when you get rained out or have equipment trouble, you don’t have to waste time thinking about how to catch up efficiently.

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