How to Fully Automate Invoicing

One of the best aspects about Check is how simple the app makes invoicing… and by “simple” we mean the app literally does it for you! In order to take full advantage of this automation, you have to do three simple things which we’ll cover here.

Set Invoices to be Sent Automatically

In the Account screen, tap on “Payments” then set invoices to go out automatically either at the end of the month or after every job. If set to monthly, any clients with an outstanding balance will be invoiced for that amount (total amount of services rendered for the period less any payments that were applied). 

Record and Complete Every Job

To make sure each client’s account balance is accurate, and you don’t send an incorrect invoice, you must record and properly complete each job. To learn more about that, check out our “How to Complete a Job” article. If your invoices go out monthly, all completed jobs will appear on the invoice.

Apply Payments When They Come In

Lastly, you’ll need to apply any and all payments when they come in. The best way to do this is right when you receive a payment so that you don’t forget! If you accidentally forget to apply a payment, the client’s invoice will be more than they actually owe, and they may not be too excited about that.

To apply a payment, tap on the Client tab then tap on the client’s account. You can either scroll down or use the search feature. Once you’re in their account, tap “Apply Payment”. Select how the customer paid (i.e. cash, check, Venmo, etc.), then enter the amount. Once you confirm the payment, that amount will be applied to the oldest unpaid job and reduce their outstanding balance. If your invoices go out monthly, all payments for that month will show up on the invoice.

Well, that’s a wrap! No more setting aside time to manage all this mess yourself. You can now reinvest this time you saved by taking on more clients and making more money. Enjoy.

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