How to auto-capture client addresses

When you’re transitioning from running your business with a notebook or other system to Check sometimes you might not have all the info you need easily accessible, like all of your client’s addresses. Don’t worry… we built a feature to help with this.

Once we’ve added a job, we’ll see a note under the client’s name that says “Add address to see in route”. Check Pro subscribers have access to our one-tap optimized routing feature, and for obvious reasons, an address is required to generate an optimized route.

But, it’s still good to have the client’s address on file so it can show up on invoices, so you can get directions to the property, and because it’s your client, having all of their information organized is going to help you feel more in control of your business.

It's really easy to capture that address if you don't know it - let's walk through it.

Capture a Client Address

  1. Tap into the job details and tap the "Complete Job" button at the bottom of the screen. When you complete a job for a property that doesn’t have an address, Check will prompt you to use your current location as that client’s address.
  2. Tap "Yes" if you are still on the client’s property and "No" if you are not. Tapping "Yes" will pull up Google Maps and the address of your current location.
  3. Drag the pin to make sure it’s over your client’s property and review the address.
  4. If the address looks wrong, tap "Edit," make the adjustments, tap "Confirm" to save your edits, then "Confirm" again to add that address to the property’s account. Now any future jobs for that property will include the address.

As long as you mark jobs as complete while you’re still on-site, Check will help you gather all of your client’s addresses in no time, helping you feel more in control of your business.

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