Let’s talk about how to add notes to your clients, properties, and jobs so you can keep all of the important information easily accessible when you need it.

Client Notes

Let’s start with Client Notes which you can find in your Client’s Account. Open the Clients Tab and tap a client to open their Account page. Scroll down until you see "Client Details" and the "Client Notes" are the 4th item in the list.

  1. Tap to open the notes and tap the "Edit Notes" button at the bottom of the screen to start adding them.
  2. When you’re done, tap "Save" and you’ll immediately be able to see your notes there.

Client Notes are a great place to include information that doesn’t have a dedicated place in the client’s account such as a second phone number, a nickname, or personal information you want to remember.

Property Notes

If you’re in the Client Account screen, go ahead and tap on one of their properties.

  1. On the "Property Details" screen, you’ll see "Property Notes" just below the address field.
  2. In the same way that you edit Client Notes, you’ll tap to open it and then tap the “Edit Notes” button to begin typing.

Property Notes, as you might have guessed, are specific to that property, so this could include information like gates codes, location of water lines or the favorite snack of that big dog in the backyard.

Recurring Job Notes

While you're on the Property Details page, we’re just one step away from the Recurring Job Details Page which you’ll be able to access with a Check Pro subscription. Recurring Jobs are simply a smarter version of a normal job that automatically schedules the next job when you complete one.

  1. Tap on a Recurring Job to see it's details.
  2. Under the "Job Details" section, we’ll find the "Job Notes."
  3. Add notes by opening them and tapping the “Edit Notes” button at the bottom.

Job Notes are job specific so let’s say your client has hired you to perform basic lawn maintenance every week as well as clean their gutters every month. You would set up two separate recurring jobs, each on their own schedule and each with their own set of Job Notes. You can use Job Notes to store information like what height to cut their grass at or help you remember to also clean the gutters on the shed out back.

Job Notes

Whatever notes you have already added to a Client, a Property or a Recurring Job will show up in the Job Details screen from the Jobs Tab.

  1. Go to the Jobs Tab.
  2. Tap on a job to open the job's details.
  3. In the "Notes" section, you can see all of your notes for the client, the property and the job.

A little tip: if you edit the notes from the Job Details screen, you're only editing the notes for this specific job. Your edits won’t be reflected in the Client Notes, Property Notes or Recurring Job Notes. This allows you to make any one-time notes that are specific to THIS job happening on THIS day without worrying about messing up your permanent notes that will show up on any future jobs.

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