How to Add an Outstanding Balance to a Client

After you import, or manually add, your clients you’ll want to add outstanding balances to any client that currently owes you money. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go into the Account screen and tap on “Services”. Then, add a service called “Outstanding Balance”.
  2. Go to the Jobs tab and tap the blue “+” button to add a job.
  3. Select the client that has the outstanding balance.
  4. Select the “Outstanding Balance” service option and enter the total amount of their outstanding balance.
  5. Schedule the job for today’s date and tap confirm.
  6. Review the details to ensure accuracy, then tap “Add Job”.
  7. Tap the newly added job in Today’s job list.
  8. Tap the green “Checklist” button at the bottom of the screen and select the “Outstanding Balance” task.
  9. Mark the job complete.

The client’s outstanding balance will now be added to their account, which can be verified by going to the Clients tab, searching for the client for whom you just added an outstanding balance, and that amount should appear at the very top to the right of “Outstanding Balance”. Now, you can tap “Invoice Now” to immediately send the invoice to your client.

You should only have to use the “Outstanding Balance” service offering for existing customers that you’re bringing with you to the Block app. Block will take care of the rest once you start using it!

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