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For any business, how much money you’ve made each month as well as how much money clients owe you are important numbers to keep track of. But have you ever found yourself manually adding up invoices at the end of the month or inputting every payment into an Excel spreadsheet? There’s a better way… let’s take a look.

The Business Dashboard

When you log into Check, tap on the "Dashboard Tab" which is the first tab at the bottom of your screen. There are a couple of really powerful features in your dashboard that you can access by upgrading to Check Pro for only $20/mo. These include your month-over-month growth rate, projected earnings for the current month and a graph charting your earnings over the last six months. We won't worry about those features right now though.

Three Areas of Focus

The first is the big number at the very top left. This is your Total Monthly Earnings. If you upgrade to Check Pro, this number will show your earnings for whichever month you’ve selected on the graph. But for now, it’ll only show your earnings for the current month.

The second important area of the dashboard is the grey box with the three key business insights: Projected Earnings, Total Earnings and Total Amount Owed.

Though Projected Earnings is locked, you can still see your Total Earnings for the month which should match the large number in the top left that we just talked about as well as Total Amount Owed which shows you a running total of how much your clients owe you.

The third area, just beneath the grey box, is a collection of stats on your book of business including how many Clients and Properties you have as well as the Total Number of Jobs you’ve completed.

You can go ahead and close out of your spreadsheet and your calculator - you won’t be needing those anymore. Welcome to your Check dashboard!

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