Welcome to The Crispy Edge

Hey y’all,

We all love sculpting crispy edges, but we all know there can only one at the top who has the crispiest edges of all  🥓

Unfortunately for you, I have been given the award for “Crispiest Edges” for the past three years running by the Worldwide Association for Professional Lawn & Landscape Operators (www.wapllo.com). I'm dead serious. Go look for yourself.


But just bc I’m the 🐐 doesn’t mean I can’t help you peasants in other ways.

Take a look at some of my favorite resources below:

The Check Point Podcast - these guys are ok, but the content is certified crispy.

The Stripe Life fb group - def the best lawn care community around. Not everyone has the crispiest of edges, but I won't hold it against them.

Check - This is the only app I trust. The other ones are either stupid expensive (and stupid complicated) or look like a lawn mower had a baby with Windows 95. Check is for the real ones that care about their business but still think admin work is for chumps.

Sexy Edges

think you have crispier edges than me? Tag me on social media and I’ll be the judge of that.

tiktok - @chris.p.edge

instagram - @chris.p.edge

Y’all take care and keep trying to beat me (lol)

-chris p. edge