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March 23, 2021
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February 5, 2021
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New features, bug fixes and performance improvements in version 1.4.0.

We just released version 1.4.0 and have a number of exciting updates to show you!


  • Added options to register with Apple, Google and Facebook.
  • Added confirmation notifications to the "pause" and "restore" options in the recurring jobs menu.


  • Changed the balance that shows in the job Quick Menu's "Add Payment" workflow to accurately reflect that job's outstanding balance.
  • Changed demo data and tutorials to not show by default.
  • Changed the annual subscription to $199.99/yr (lower by $20).
  • Changed client and job lists to reflect new addresses when a client address has been auto-captured.


  • Fixed bug blocking recurring jobs from being created and updated.
  • Fixed bug showing canceled jobs as skipped jobs in the route screen.
  • Fixed timezone-related scheduling bugs.
  • Fixed visual clipping on the selected date indicator.
  • Fixed bug in the Quick Menu "Add a Payment" option.
  • Fixed bug that showed the deleted invoices for a job marked as incomplete as "paid."
  • Fixed bug that wasn't auto-selecting the invoice when there was only one marked as unpaid.


  • Removed the option to pay for other outstanding invoices during the "Add Payment" workflow on a specific job to help avoid confusion.

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